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First Congregational Church

     of  Dundee - Celebrating 175 Years


175th Anniversary
September 11 - November 20, 2016

"If, for a moment, these memories may bring to mind precious scenes that deepen the abiding love one feels for this century-old church, the effort will have been worthwhile."
     Victoria Mills Haeger 
     From her forward to A Century and a Decade of First Congregational Church
     Dundee, Illinois (1951)

Our fall worship series, “Abiding Love,” takes its title from these words.  More than a phrase, though, these words also convey beautifully the inspiration behind this series:
if the memories shared in our 175th Anniversary deepen our love for God, our neighbor and this church, the effort will have been worthwhile.

Put simply, that is our hope for this series: that in celebrating our history we fall more deeply in love with this church now, and we have renewed faith for our future.  Each week, we will explore some aspect of our rich legacy that also informs our present and inspires our future.

From pew taxes to our church bell tolling Vespers during wartime, sewing circles and influenza outbreaks, abolition and building campaigns, our church has seen quite a bit over the last 175 years.  Some has been absurd, some inspiring, and a lot has been fairly mundane.  Which is to say, it has been real life.  Concerns over funding and membership, struggles to adapt to a changing social climate, enduring great tragedies and celebrating milestones – these are all accounted by Mrs. Haeger with great reverence and flourish.

There’s no way to cover it all, but we hope this series connects us more fully to our history and makes our anniversary more meaningful, knowing we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

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We hope you’ll join us this fall to celebrate our history, our present, and the Spirit of God that has carried this congregation through 175 years.