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First Congregational Church

     of  Dundee

Who We Are

Our Mission

At First Congregational Church of Dundee, we are: 
Devoted to Christ, Committed to Each Other, Dedicated to Sharing God’s Love with All!

Our Story

We are a congregation on a journey.  From a collection of settlers on the Fox River, to the hub of a strong small town, to a new home on a hill amidst an emerging and diverse community, we are a growing, active church.

Founded in 1841, First Congregational Church of Dundee is deeply rooted in a long and local history.  At the same time, we are poised for transformative and vital 21st century ministry.  We are grounded in thousands of years of faith tradition and share the foundational beliefs that have inspired Christian churches since the beginning.  We are open to truth in this time, willing to embrace mystery and free to respond to where God might still be leadings us.

We are a congregation that resists labels, especially when most of the labels we give one another these days are cumbersome and unhelpful.  We have always been somewhat diverse, focused more on which unites us than what divides us.  We continue to respect and welcome diverse beliefs, experiences and expressions.  We want to be a church for many, not a segmented few.  We are made up overwhelmingly of “ex-something’s” – we’ve been Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, non-religious and much more.  We are economically, politically and generationally diverse.

Yet we have come together at FCC of Dundee, united around a common mission: that we would be a place where all can grow in love of God and neighbor.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our unity is a sense of identity, shaped by our core values.  These values reflect who we have been, who we are and who we will be in the future.  Size, shape, location can come and go, but our core values endure.

We value our faith.  While each of us might express it differently, we are here because we believe in God.  We believe we find our salvation in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We believe we are guided, sustained, gifted and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  We believe we are beloved children of the Creator of the universe and that we are called to live our lives growing in love of God and our neighbors.  We believe that church is one place where growth happens: where we can worship, learn, serve and be transformed.

We value loving relationship.  Loving relationship is the heart of our faith, because loving relationship is the heart of God.  We manifest the love of God through care for each other, whether members of our congregation or our wider community.  Through our congregational care, ministries, small groups, local, national and international mission work, children and youth ministries, fellowship, fun and more, loving relationships change lives.

We value welcome to all.  We believe that we are called to emulate God’s welcome to all, no matter who we are, no matter where we are on life’s journey.  We welcome all because we believe that God has given us diverse gifts to meet many different needs and that we find our unity, not by being the same, but through our common journey of faith.