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Preschool Tuition

Preschool Registration Form
(Church Member and Sibling discounts are available for PK2/3, PK3 and PK4)

2 day a week Preschool (PK2/3) program is $145.00 per month

3 day a week Preschool (PK3 & PK4) programs are $200.00 per month

Tuition is paid in nine payments.  The final (May 2020) PK tuition payment is paid at the time of registration along with a $60.00 registration fee for the first child or $90.00 for a family with more than one child, which includes field trip fees.  The remaining eight tuition payments are due on the first of each month, September through April.

If a family leaves Littlest Disciples Preschool before the end of the school year, the May 2020 tuition (paid at the time of registration) can be applied to the last month the child is in attendance.  No fees or tuition are refundable in the event a family cancels enrollment before the school year begins.

Preschool Information Sheet